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H2O2 monitoring for Sterilization of Isolators Data Sheet 2019-03-19
LI-COR LI-6800 Oxygen Measurements Application Note Application Note 2019-03-11
PI2114 Analyzer Brochure Brochure 2019-02-21
AN011 Ammonia Monitoring Application Note 2019-02-12
AN013: Measuring δ18O and δD for Commercial Apples and Oranges Application Note 2019-02-12
AN017: Calibration Routine for Picarro Water Isotope Analyzers Application Note 2019-02-12
AN018: Automated Measurement of δ13C for Identifying and Classifying Edible Oils Application Note 2019-02-12
AN019: Automated Measurement of δ18O and δD in Briny (Salty) Samples Application Note 2019-02-12
AN020: Exceptional Reproducibility from a Picarro Isotopic Water Analyzer Application Note 2019-02-12
AN021: No Compromise High Throughput δ18O and δD Measurements Application Note 2019-02-12
AN022: Combustion Module-CRDS for δ13C analysis of imported honey and detection of adulteration Application Note 2019-02-12
AN026: Fast, Easy δ13C from Carbonates Using Picarro’s Liaison™ System Coupled to an AutoMate Prep Device. Application Note 2019-02-12
AN027: Measuring δ18O and δD of Commercial Apples to Verify Region of Origin Application Note 2019-02-12
AN028: Easy-to-Use Combustion Module-CRDS System for Rapid Verification of Delta 13C Ratios in Beef Labeled Grass-Fed Application Note 2019-02-12
AN029: Geographical Analysis of Olive Oil Samples Originating from Eight Countries Using Picarro’s Novel Simultaneous 13 C + D CM-CRDS Isotope Analyzer Application Note 2019-02-12
AN030: Induction Module CRDS analysis of water isotope fractionation along a Pinus spp. branch and leaf Application Note 2019-02-12
AN031: Induction Module-CRDS analysis of water isotopes in cheese I: Water in cheese retains its environmental isotopic signature Application Note 2019-02-12
AN032: Induction Module - CRDS analysis of water isotopes in cheese II: Rapid method to discriminate cheese sources Application Note 2019-02-12
AN035: Airborne Molecular Contamination Cleanroom Monitoring Application Note 2019-02-12
AN036: Water Stable Isotope Technique to Determine Evapotranspiration Partitioning Application Note 2019-02-12
AN016 - Automated Multi-Point Greenhouse Gas Measurement System Application Note 2019-02-12
AN015 - Calibrating the Picarro WS-CRDS Analyzer Application Note 2019-02-12
AN025 - Real-Time, Field-Based Water Vapor Isotope Measurements with a Picarro Analyzer. Application Note 2019-02-12
Stable Isotope Ratio Measurement of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) Application Note 2018-12-06
G2121-i Analyzer Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-12-04
Why 17O-excess? (And, what is it?) Flyer 2018-10-04
Real-Time Atmospheric Monitoring of Stable Isotopes and Trace Greenhouse Gases - G2301 and G2401 Flyer 2018-10-04
Real-Time Atmospheric Monitoring of Stable Isotopes and Trace Greenhouse Gases - G2301 and G2401 Flyer 2018-10-04
Continuous Water Sampler - A0217 Presentation 2018-10-04
δ15N2O Site Specific Isotope and Concentration Analyzer - G5101-i Presentation 2018-10-04
δ15N, δ15Na, δ15Nb, δ18O in N2O Mid-IR Isotopic N2O Analyzer - G5131-i Presentation 2018-10-04
Ultra High-Precision Isotopic Water Analysis - L2130-i Presentation 2018-10-04
High-precision Triple Oxygen Isotope Research in Water is Finally Simple and Affordable - L2140-i Presentation 2018-10-04
GasScouter™ G4302 Analyzer Data Sheet 2018-10-04
Spatial Survey of CH4 Uptake in an Arctic Landscape in Greenland - Mobile Gas Concentration Analyzer - G4301 Case Study 2018-10-04
GPS Kit and Mobile Soil Flux System - G4301 Flyer 2018-10-04
A0311-S (Fast Multiport Gas Sampler SilcoNert) Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
A0311 (16-Port Distribution Manifold) Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
A0701 and A0702 (Closed System Measurements) Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
A0213 (Induction Module) Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
Plant Water: Accurate Water Stable Isotope Analysis of Organic Contaminated Water Application Note 2018-09-28
A0214 (MCM) Datasheet  Data Sheet 2018-09-28
A0211 and A0325 (High Precision Vaporizer and Auto Sampler) Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
A0217 (Continuous Water Sampler) Analyzers Data Sheet 2018-09-28
A0101 - Standard Delivery Module (SDM) Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
G2207-Analyzer Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
G5102-Analyzer Datasheet  Data Sheet 2018-09-28
G5131-Analyzer Datasheet Data Sheet 2018-09-28
G2210-Analyzer Datasheet  Data Sheet 2018-09-28
G2132-Analyzer Datasheet  Data Sheet 2018-09-28