Real-Time Indoor Air Measurements of Ammonia Part 1: iCHEAR

At Picarro, we enjoy hearing how research groups are using our systems in their projects. In this 2-part blog series, we present a short summary of two research efforts that fall under the Sloan Foundation’s Chemistry of Indoor Environments (CIE) program: The Indoor Chemical Human Emissions and Reactivity (iCHEAR) and


  在皮卡罗 (Picarro) 公司,我们乐于听到研究小组如何将我们的系统运用到他们的项目中。来自英国赫尔大学的克里斯托弗•哈克尼 (Christopher Hackney) 和丹尼尔·帕森斯 (Daniel Parsons) 正与来自英国埃克塞特南安普顿大学、美国伊利诺伊大学、越南芹苴大学以及越南水资源研究南方研究所的合作伙伴在东南亚湄公河三角洲从事英国研究理事会暨牛顿基金资助项目(例如的一系列研究工作。

O2, CO2, and Chlorophyll Walk into a Leaf...

As the research and development of renewable energy sources increases in momentum, it was great to have the opportunity to participate in the First European Photosynthesis Congress held at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden.

仅 30 ppb 的气化过氧化氢 (VHP) 能够氧化和破坏药物

As biologics have supplanted small molecules as the dominant focus for many leading pharmaceutical companies, robust manufacturing processes for isolators and RABS continues to be an evolving process. In this environment, as the need for significantly better VHP monitoring has grown quickly, Picarro H2O2 analyzers have increased in popularity.


在皮卡罗(Picarro)公司,我们乐于听到研究小组如何将我们的系统运用到他们的项目中。来自圣彼德堡北极与南极研究所(AARI)的安娜·科萨切克(Anna Kozachek)花时间撰写了一篇短文,其中讲述了她的团队如何在南极环航探险 (ACE) 项目中使用 Picarro L2130-i和L2120-i的详情。

Please Attend Our Presentations at EGU 2018

If you are attending the 2018 EGU General Assembly from April 9 to 13 in Vienna, Austria, we hope you’ll attend Picarro-authored oral and poster presentations. Following is a list of the presentations with day, date and times, location, title, and authors: Oral Presentation EGU2018-11101 Fri, 13 Apr, 16:30, Room

Please Join Us at EGU 2018

If you are attending the 2018 EGU General Assembly from April 9 to 13 in Vienna, Austria, we hope you’ll stop by Picarro booth 28 and spend some time with Picarro team members. We welcome an opportunity to meet you and learn more about your ongoing research programs. And we’ll


该系列文章由三部分组成,本文为第二篇,探讨了 Picarro 分析仪、系统和配件如何确保对具有挑战性的海水和高盐水样品实现准确测量。第一篇文章海水的水稳定同位素测量介绍了实验室间的研究结果,该研究旨在评估与同位素比质谱 (IRMS) 测量结果的一致性和值相比,通过光腔衰荡光谱 (CRDS) 所得测量结果的质量。本篇文章报道了对 CRDS 用于高盐水分析的评估。

Water Stable Isotope Measurements of Seawater

We developed our water stable isotope analyzers, system peripherals, and accessories to give research scientists a less-expensive, easier-to-use solution for precise, accurate isotopic measurements. They’ve been used successfully in freshwater research for over a decade. More recently, scientists have tested our analyzers and systems, and we’ve continued to develop accessories