AN 11 - Applications Note Ammonia Monitoring

AN 11 - Applications Note Ammonia Monitoring

Examples of Picarro analyzers used for ultra-sensitive ammonia measurements in the semiconductor industry.

August 2015: See Application Note AN035 for an update. 


Measurement and control of ammonia is critical in a variety of industrial applications including power generation, petrochemical processing, and semiconductor manufacturing. In many cases, ammonia measurement at ppb levels is required to achieve optimal process control or safeguard valuable work-in-process material.

Ammonia is difficult to measure at ppb levels because of its “stickiness” – its tendency to adsorb to surfaces – such that varying temperature and ambient moisture levels can produce erroneous measurements. Few instruments exist that can simultaneously meet the sensitivity and speed requirements of the most demanding process control applications. The Picarro G1103-t trace ammonia analyzer simultaneously provides both the sensitivity and the speed needed for the most demanding ammonia measurement applications. The Picarro G1103-t is able to achieve ppb sensitivity in a few minutes and does so directly on the gas stream.