AN 25 - Fast, Easy δ<sup>13</sup>C from Carbonates Using Picarro's CRDS and Liaison<sup>TM</sup> Universal Interface Coupled to an AutoMate Prep Device

AN 25 - Fast, Easy δ13C from Carbonates Using Picarro's CRDS and LiaisonTM Universal Interface Coupled to an AutoMate Prep Device

High-precision, rugged device can even be used for remote deployment.


The stable carbon isotope signatures derived from carbonate rocks and carbonate bearing materials have been used to provide information on a wide range of topics, including, past atmospheric carbon dioxide levels1, correlation of rock formations to geological time-scale events2 and history of past ocean circulation patterns.

Up to this point, scientists have had to deal with the technical and expense challenges when obtaining δ13C data using traditional IRMS instrumentation. In contrast, Picarro’s Liaison system can seamlessly couple CO2 liberation systems, such as the AutoMate Prep Device from AutoMateFx, Inc.3 to the Picarro Isotopic CO2 analyzer. This combined device enables the measurement of δ13C from both automatic acidification of solid samples (limestones, marine and lake sediments, soils, etc.) and of DIC in water samples (marine and fresh).

The instrument is fast and easy to use, offering high precision, yet deployable to field stations and other remote locations previously considered unsuitable for isotope measurements.In this application note we present data from a series of carbonate standards, processed using the AutoMate Prep Device. The precision is excellent and replicates of each sample were completed in 10 minutes.