Process Monitoring

Supporting unprecedented control of the processing environment.
Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Meet the tightest industry and regulatory standards for safety by identifying potential pollutants or toxicants with unrivalled sensitivity.

Picarro’s CRDS technology offers the lowest detection limits in a rugged and easy to use platform, for a wide range of applications.

  • HF: Detect hydrogen fluoride (HF) in concentrations as low as 10 parts per trillion.
  • NH3 and H2S: Monitor ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from agricultural, landfill and wastewater sites
  • H2O2: Measure vapor phase H2O2 with parts per billion precision. Ideal for biodecontamination in pharmaceutical processes, Picarro analyzers require no concentration or other sample prep

Our instruments can be operated remotely, for long periods, without operator interaction. Critically, they deliver lab capabilities into the field.

In government-regulated applications, our identical measurement platform can be used to set a standard and test compliance, removing potential ambiguity from the verification process.

Research Applications

Trace levels of ethylene

Accurate measurements of the trace levels of ethylene in fruit packing facilities are required for developing food ripening processes. CRDS is the ideal tool for determining the concentrations in real-time and over long periods, in order to understand the optimal ethylene concentrations.

Get more from the paper: Ultra-sensitive ethylene post-harvest monitor based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy.

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