Atmospheric Science

Track local, regional and global fluxes. From ground or air.
Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric Science

Generate precise and accurate measurements of both small and large atmospheric changes over a wide range of time scales, from seconds to decades.

Picarro analyzers can be deployed in remote locations—with minimal maintenance and calibration—making them ideal for atmospheric applications at all scales.

  • Global networks
  • Regional and local fluxes
  • Aircraft measurements

Research Applications

Global networks monitoring greenhouse gases

Picarro’s greenhouse gas analyzers not only meet the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) uncertainty requirements for measuring greenhouse gases, they were chosen by the WMO to be the greenhouse gas network gold standard at Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) stations. Picarro analyzers were also chosen by Earth Networks to be the only greenhouse gas instrument in their global network. Systems in both networks are measuring CO2, CH4, CO and H2O continuously from tall towers such as: Walnut Grove Tower in California, Ivory Coast Tower in South Africa and the Zotino Tower in Siberia.

Get more from the paper: Continuous Low-Maintenance CO2/CH4/H2O Measurements at the Zotino Tall Tower Observatory (ZOTTO) in Central Siberia.

Regional and local greenhouse gas fluxes

Picarro analyzers can be used with a variety of approaches in order to obtain fluxes of greenhouse and other gases within localized ecosystems. For example, Picarro flux analyzers were used in Wisconsin at the Chequamegon Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study and in the Netherlands at the Cabauw station in conjunction with eddy covariance and gradient methods to monitor ecological fluxes. Picarro analyzers can also be used in conjunction with chambers to get more localized fluxes.

Get more from the paper: Effect of Stocking Rate on Soil-Atmosphere CH4 Flux during Spring Freeze-Thaw Cycles in a Northern Desert Steppe, China.

Measurements from aircraft

Picarro flight analyzers have been used in many types of aircraft from NASA’s Alpha Jet and NASA UAV, The SIERRA to a single-engine Mooney TLS and even in commercial aircraft as part of the IAGOS project.

Get more from the paper: A Comparison of in-situ Aircraft Measurements of Carbon Dioxide to GOSAT Data Measured Over Railroad Valley Playa, Nevada, USA.

Independent validation of Picarro analyzers

In addition to these field deployments, independent tests of the analyzers and comparisons with other technologies are important to give confidence to the research community that the analyzer will provide the level of performance they need to be successful at their research site.

Get more from the paper: Inter-comparison of two high-accuracy fast-response spectroscopic sensors of carbon dioxide: a case study.

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