Micro-Combustion Module

Micro-Combustion Module

Remove interfering organics from water samples, in-line and efficiently, with the A0214.

  • Improve data quality for water isotope analysis
  • Treat samples in-line to decompose interfering organics
  • Integrate seamlessly with Picarro’s A0211 High-Precision Vaporizer
  • Deploy effortlessly in the lab or the field—minimal footprint and energy requirements

For the first time, you can eliminate organic interferences from water isotope analysis using a fully in-line process. Installed between our High-Precision Vaporizer and the Picarro L2130-i water isotope analyzer, the Micro-Combustion Module (MCM) provides seamless operation.

The MCM passes the gaseous phase sample from the vaporizer over an enclosed element. The resulting oxidation converts organics into minute quantities of carbon dioxide and nascent water. The MCM includes a self-contained micro-reactor element that can be easily replaced in the field.

The MCM effectively removes spectral interference for commonly occurring alcohols and plant products including multicomponent mixtures of alcohols, terpenes and green leaf volatiles. It has optimal efficacy for samples containing total organics in concentrations typical for many plant extracts (< 0.5%) due to the production of nascent water. Higher concentrations of alcohols, such as those found in certain beverages, will not be completely broken down in the MCM. However, the process is highly reproducible and can create high-precision fingerprint data.

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