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IM-CRDS System for Isotopic Water Analysis

Induction Module

Extract and analyze matrix-bound water isotopes from plants, juices and more. 

  • Only integrated sample preparation and water isotope analysis system
  • Includes Picarro's micro-combustion technology to eliminate organics from sample
  • Ultra compact and portable, with quick-set up and low power requirements
  • Fully integrated with Picarro L2130-i and L2120-i analyzers

Picarro's induction module-CRDS (IM-CRDS) system is the fastest and simplest solution for water extraction and isotope analysis. The breakthrough technology allows scientists to perform high-precision isotope analysis of matrix-bound water extracted from solid materials and liquids with high total dissolved solids, such as plant leaves and stems, juices and tissues, in as little as five minutes.  The IM-CRDS merges the sample extraction and analysis steps and requires only 30 seconds of sample preparation.  Due to its portability, quick set-up and low power consumption, the IM-CRDS can function virtually anywhere.

Our built-in micro-combustion technology destroys up to 0.5% organic content in samples, without altering the isotope ratios. This unique technology can be applied to any sample containing water—even those with high levels of organics—to acquire highly reproducible fingerprints.