Measure formaldehyde (H<sub>2</sub>CO)

Measure formaldehyde (H2CO)

Picarro G2107 Analyzer

Detect and measure this toxic chemical in the lab or in the field.

  • Simultaneous, precise measurement of H2CO and H2O
  • Parts-per-billion sensitivity, precision and accuracy with virtually no drift
  • Fast, continuous, real-time measurements without interference
  • Large dynamic range with high linearity
  • Field and laboratory deployable with no consumables
  • Installed and operational in minutes
  • Rugged and insensitive to changes in ambient temperature

The Picarro G2107 formaldehyde analyzer meets the needs of diverse applications, combining turnkey operational simplicity with unmatched sensitivity, providing a linear operating range that extends from low parts per billion to high parts per million levels. Just as important, the analyzer's performance is unaffected by changes in ambient humidity, temperature, pressure or the presence of other trace gases.

The G2107 is a rugged portable unit that can operate as an unattended monitor, providing continuous data through its Ethernet port. The analyzer's high performance also makes it an ideal tool for R&D and reference lab applications.

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Typical data from a G2107 formaldehyde analyzer showing the instrument's precision.