Bulk Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis System

Bulk Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis System

δ13C Combustion Module Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy System

The Picarro Combustion Module Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CM-CRDS) System analyzes the carbon isotopic (δ13C) composition or signature of organic products. Organic food and beverages and renewable products are part of a multibillion-dollar global industry where economic value is based on purity and sustainability. Authenticity of ingredients or raw materials is essential to product quality and, by extension, to building and maintaining brand value and preference. Conversely, the dilution, adulteration, or counterfeiting of such products can erode consumer confidence, damage a brand name, and harm a product’s or company’s financial performance.

CM-CRDS is an easy, cost-effective method to validate and ensure authenticity and purity. It provides measurement accuracy and precision comparable to elemental analyzer isotope ratio mass spectroscopy (EA-IRMS), and it offers several advantages over EA-IRMS, including:

  • Significantly lower capital cost for the system
  • Much simpler operation that does not require extensive training
  • Less frequent calibration and lower cost of maintenance
  • Lower cost of consumables required for operations
  • Greater automation and higher throughput

The Combustion Module, designed by Costech (a leader in combustion systems) for Picarro, is connected to an isotopic analyzer via the Picarro LiaisonTM Universal Interface or a Caddy. The system typically processes samples every 10 minutes with precision better than 0.3‰. Control and data recording is managed by software on the Picarro δ13C analyzer.

Any of the Picarro δ13C for carbon dioxide (CO2) isotope analyzers can be used in a CM-CRDS system, including: