δ<sup>13</sup>C for methane (CH<sub>4</sub>)

δ13C for methane (CH4)

Picarro G2132-i Analyzer

High-precision, real-time carbon isotope information from methane at ambient concentrations.

  • Isotopic measurements with superb precision and stability for critical methane source identification
  • Direct measurement of CH4. No sample drying or preparation required
  • Field deployable: <26 kg, shock and vibration tested
  • Less calibration, less maintenance, no consumables
  • Equipped with ChemDetect™ to sense contaminants in samples

Distinguishing between various sources of CH4 can help in a number of ways, such as: identifying its origin in groundwater near a hydraulic fracturing well, monitoring fugitive methane emissions from a landfill, or teasing apart the biochemical pathways that produce and consume methane in wetlands. Each source of methane has a characteristic ratio of 13C to 12C. Knowing this ratio helps link methane to a particular local source. The Picarro G2132-i makes precise 13C/12C ratio measurements fast and easy. The stability of the analyzer enables these ratios to be determined in the field, for immediate source identification.

The analyzer comes equipped with ChemDetect™, a new layer of analysis that inspects the recorded spectra to find indications of other contaminating species. ChemDetect™ looks for distortions of the spectra that would indicate that another gas phase species is in the sample and might be affecting the results. ChemDetect™ indicates when a sample is more complicated, and perhaps more interesting, than expected.