Peripherals for Nitrous Oxide Instruments

Peripherals for Nitrous Oxide Instruments

Closed System Measurement

Whether you are looking at gas evolution from soils or vegetation, or the incorporation of stable labels into living organisms, our rugged, high-precision analyzers offer unparalleled performance. Picarro’s small cavity design technology has long been the optimal choice for sample-limited studies. Now we have developed a series of turn-key systems especially designed to avoid external contamination.

  • Real-time, non-destructive concentration and isotope studies
  • Have confidence in your results; minimal efflux and influx
  • The only logical choice for small sample work; perfectly matched to Picarro’s small cavity
  • For use in the field or in the lab. Picarro’s rugged and robust analyzers are the best choice
  • Set up in minutes; fast and easy to use

This package offers an analyzer and diaphragm pump module selected from our range and then specially adapted for low-leak operation. We also provide all the tubing and fittings to attach directly to your chamber. The complete gas path has been optimized to provide a total volume of only about 100 ml for the analyzer, pump and tubing up to the chamber.

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Closed System Measurement

More About the Analyzers:

G2101-i, Isotopic CO2 in ambient air

G2201-i, Isotopic Carbon in CO2 and CH4

G2131-i, High Performance High PerformamnceIsotopic CO 2

G2132-i, δ13C High Precision Isotopic CH4



closed-cycle chamber system measurement

Closed-cycle chamber system measurement.

Figure 1. A closed-cycle chamber system was charged with an air-like matrix containing 3028 ppm CO2. When running, the chamber gas is continuously circulated through the analyzer. Data acquired for 2 hours (top) and 24 hours (bottom) shows that mixing of the chamber air with ambient air (ca. 390 ppm CO2) from outside the chamber is minimal.