<p>Ultra-sensitive ethylene post-harvest monitor based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy</p>

Ultra-sensitive ethylene post-harvest monitor based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy

Edward H. Wahl, Sze M. Tan, Sergei Koulikov, Boris Kharlamov, Christopher R. Rella, Eric R. Crosson, Dave Biswell, and Barbara A. Paldus

Optics Express 14, 4, pp. 1673-1684 February 20, 2006 Optics Express


We describe the application of cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) to the detection of trace levels of ethylene in ambient air in a cold storage room of a fruit packing facility over a several month period. We compare these results with those obtained using gas chromatography (GC), the current gold standard for trace ethylene measurements in post-harvest applications. The CRDS instrument provided real-time feedback to the facility, to optimize the types of fruit stored together, and the amount of room ventilation needed to maintain sub-10 ppb ethylene levels for kiwi fruit storage. Our CRDS instrument achieved a detection limit of two parts-per-billion volume (ppbv) in 4.4 minutes of measurement time.